The 10:30 service is cancelled for July 5th. For those who prefer, livestream will be available to watch the service from home. During the 8:45 service, masks will be required to be worn inside the building. We will have some masks available if you do not have your own.

Senior Pastor Rick Collins

As a boy growing up in a traditional church, I was constantly struck by how boring and irrelevant church services were to me. My friends would go once with me, and then they would remark how boring it was. I noticed there were rarely ever any non-Christians coming in and becoming Christians the way it used to be in the Bible. The few that would venture in seemed awkwardly out of place. They weren't dressed right. They didn't know when to sit down and stand up. They didn't know the words that everyone else suddenly began to recite. The hymns were too high or too low for them to sing, and the organ droned on like a funeral dirge. After the service, people would gather together in cliques. You could hear them talking about other people in less than encouraging terms. The whole experience was so foreign to the uninitiated that it seemed almost bizarre. At sixteen, I decided there might not be a God, or at least if there was one and if this is what being in His presence did to you - I didn't want it! Then at age nineteen, through an unusual set of circumstances, I came to know Jesus Christ personally. At that time, He said to me, "You see now that I am real. Go and tell others that what I have done for you I will do for them also."

That was in 1972. I am still as committed today as I was then to do whatever it takes to help people who have lost their way - those who feel church is irrelevant and boring - those who feel their sins are too great to ever be forgiven - those who for whatever reason are "non-churched" - to come to know and experience the abundant life Jesus Christ offers.

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